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  • Galway driving school students
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If you trained through the RSA School of Motoring then you have no need to stress, although you do need to make sure you remember everything we taught you. For added confidence please check out our testimonials. We have many satisfied students and there’s no reason why you can’t be successful too. Besides, you passed our pre-test so you have a good idea of what to expect already.


Your Irish driver licence test consists of 4 modules each of which has a particular purpose. When you understand these, the way ahead is clearer. To pass, you need to:

  • Prove your knowledge of road signs and other rules of the road
  • Complete an under-the-bonnet test to make sure everything is okay
  • Do checks inside the car to make sure everything is working properly
  • Drive the car as directed by the examiner in a safe driving style

 Of course, if you did the RSA EDT training program then you know this stuff already! Even so, let’s go through this one more time.


Check you know where the testing centre is the day before you are due, and how to get there. Aim to arrive at least fifteen minutes early - allow for traffic - and sit quietly in the waiting room until they call your name. A clerk will take you to an office where you sit down opposite the examiner at a desk. Be polite. Don’t try to start a conversation.

 After the examiner has checked your learner driving permit, logbook and gone through some other admin details the test begins with questions.

  • First, you are asked around 12 – 18 of them about driving safely and the rules of the road. Ask if you do not understand the question. Reply clearly, sticking to the point
  • After that, the examiner will ask you 12 – 18 questions about road signs. Again, take your time and query if you do not understand. Answer briefly. Don’t waffle


 It stands to reason that the examiner is not about to drive off with you in an unsafe car. Be patient. This is your opportunity to prove you know what to look for too.

  • When asked, hand the car paperwork the tester. This includes your insurance certificate, tax receipt and - if the vehicle is more than 4 years old - your NCT certification. Watch while they inspect the windscreen and tyres without interfering.
  • The examiner then asks you to open the bonnet so they can continue their inspection. While they do so, they may quiz you about how the engine works and how to look after it. Be prepared to do the following (this is not a complete list)
  1. Point out the coolant storage bottle and explain how full it is
  2. Demonstrate how to check the various oil levels
  3. Explain how you would go about topping up the wiper water
  4. Explain the steps you would take to check the brake fluid
  5. What other safety checks you might make under the bonnet

Once you are safely through the ‘show me / tell me phase’ the examiner will ask you to close the bonnet (make sure you do this the way we taught you).


This is the final stage of your practical examination. You do it sitting in the driver’s seat. The purpose is to prove you know how to operate the car before starting the engine. Be prepared to show how to do the following (this is not a complete list):

  • Find and switch on the emergency ‘hazard lights’; turn on the front and rear fog lights; operate the rear window demister
  • Turn the lights on and toggle between ‘bright’ and ‘dipped’, wet the windscreen and wipe it; clear the glass from fog / condensation


This is the highpoint of your test. You MUST remain quietly confident WITHOUT trying to show off or otherwise be smart! The examiner is going to take you through different situations and road conditions. If you trained with the County Cork Branch of the RSA School of Motoring then you are well-prepared to show you understand the theory - and know just how to apply it by navigating safely through the challenges. Remember to be considerate toward other road-users at all times.

Despite best efforts driver examining still has subjective elements because testers are human beings. They have to feel good about being a passenger while they sit beside you driving. So this is the moment when you have to shine your best, and prove you trained hard enough to earn your driver’s licence. The RSA School of Motoring has an enviable reputation for preparing its students well for this important moment.


Not necessarily. Every driver occasionally makes mistakes no matter how good they are. The examiner knows this too, and is more interested in confirming you know how to drive safely. Of course the more serious the error, the more demerit points you get:

  • A minor mistake is rated grade one, for example when you failed to notice your indicator did not cancel immediately after turning.
  • A grade two is more serious, like speeding up when you approach a green traffic light or failing to signal when turning left.
  • Grade threes can fail you, for example if you jump an orange traffic light or speed up when someone tries to pass.

It can be unnerving when you know you made a small mistake and the tester starts scribbling on their note pad. It’s important to move on from this and never try to see what they are writing. If you trained with us you know these things already. That’s because we didn’t just teach you to drive safely. We also explained what’s in the examiner’s mind. Some say this is an unfair advantage.


There’s no reason why you can’t do that, in fact many of our students got top marks after we told them how to ‘beat the system’ by anticipating what’s coming next and allowing for it. Our students have a distinct advantage. They know the main things the examiner is looking for and they know exactly how to get these key manoeuvres right:

  1. Reversing round a corner while watching in a mirror
  2. Starting from stationery on a steep hill
  3. Navigating through traffic on a roundabout
  4. Turning right and left while moving
  5. Knowing the safe way to enter a roundabout

Finally, we ask you to be mindful of everything we taught you. In order of importance these are (a) the cold impersonal way the examiner treats you, (b) how they assess your driving from their perspective, and (c) how they expect you to drive in each and every situation on the day.


And that’s the secret of the RSA School of Motoring’s astounding success rate in County Cork. We guide our students along every metre of the road that leads to a successful driving test. Failing is not a word we like. Contact usif you would like to learn more about how we became a household name in Cork. The RSA School of Motoring is the Home of Passing Learners and this is where you belong.